Summer of Haskell GSoC results for 2021

Posted on September 23, 2021 by Jasper Van der Jeugt (permalink)

Google Summer of Code made some changes this year: projects were effectively part-time projects. This means that the projects had to be somewhat smaller in scope. We only received 10 slots from Google this year; which is fewer than last year.

Despite that, all our 10 slots were successful! This is the first that has happened in the history of’s participation in the program. Some of these are high-profile and will benefit a lot of users in the ecosystem, which is super exciting.

  1. Enhanced figure support in pandoc
    Student: Aner Lucero
    Mentors: tarleb
    Student report

    Google summer of code was a great way to expand my involvement with the haskell community and to test my knowledge working on one of haskell’s most used apps.

  2. Gradually Typed Hasktorch
    Student: Julius Marozas
    Mentors: Torsten Scholak
    Student report

  3. Dhall bindings to TOML configuration language
    Student: Marcos Lerones
    Mentors: Gabriella Gonzalez, Simon Jakobi
    Student report

  4. Haskell in CodeMirror 6
    Student: Olivian Cretu
    Mentors: Chris Smith
    Student repo

  5. Fixing ihaskell-widgets
    Student: David Davó
    Mentors: James Brock, Vaibhav Sagar
    Student report

    Three years ago, I started learning Haskell and functional programming. As I had recently started using Jupyter Notebooks in other projects, I wanted to try using them with Haskell to take notes and do the course homework. A few weeks in, I noticed I couldn’t use the widgets, but I didn’t give it much thought. Three years later, this summer, I’ve had the opportunity to fix it, while learning a lot in the process.

    That’s what open source is about.

  6. TidalCycles API and editor plugin
    Student: Martin Gius
    Mentors: Alex McLean
    Student report

  7. Haskell Language Server: Symbol Renaming
    Student: Oliver Madine
    Mentors: Pepeiborra
    Student report

    Working on the Haskell Language Server (HLS) was my first time using Haskell in production. While navigating through different areas of the tooling infrastructure, the community was supportive in helping me develop my understanding.

    Specifically, my project involved exploring hie-bios and the GHC API to create a symbol renaming plugin. Overall, the work was engaging, and I was able to substantially improve my development skills with the help of my mentor!

  8. Support call hierarchy in Haskell Language Server
    Student: Lei Zhu
    Mentors: Javier Neira, Pepeiborra
    Student report

    Haskell community is warm and friendly to everyone, no matter you are a beginner or an expert. This summer, I am more familiar with haskell-language-server and GHC itself. Thank and GSoC for providing this opportunity!

  9. Visualization Libraries for ghc-debug
    Student: Ethan Tsz Hang Kiang
    Mentors: Matthew Pickering
    Student report

  10. TOML Support in dhall-haskell
    Student: Julio Grillo
    Mentors: Gabriella Gonzalez, Simon Jakobi
    Student report

We hope that Google hosts the program in 2022; and in that case we plan to apply again. If you have ideas for projects that students could work on, we’ll be using the same format as the years before – this page has more information on how to submit an idea.

Thanks a lot to everyone involved!

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