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Call for Ideas for 2020

Posted on January 12, 2020 by Jasper Van der Jeugt (permalink)

Google Summer of Code will take place again in 2020! has been able to take part in this program in the past two years, and we’d like to keep this momentum up since it greatly benefits the community.

Google is not extremely open about what factors it considers for applications from organizations, but they have stated multiple times that a well-organized ideas list is crucial. For that, we would like to count on all of you again.

If you are the maintainer or a user of a Haskell project, and you have an improvement in mind which a student could work on during the summer, please submit an idea here:

For context, Google Summer of Code is a program where Google sponsors students to work on open-source projects during the summer. has taken part in this program in 2006-2015, and 2018-2019. Many important improvements to the ecosystem have been the direct or indirect result of Google Summer of Code projects, and it has also connected new people with the existing community.

Projects should benefit as many people as possible – e.g. an improvement to GHC will benefit more people than an update to a specific library or tool, but both are definitely valid. New libraries and applications written in Haskell, rather than improvements to existing ones, are also accepted. Projects should be concrete and small enough in scope such that they can be finished by a student in three months. Past experience has shown that keeping projects “small” is almost always a good idea.

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