Summer of Haskell

GSoC 2020 Ideas

This is a list of ideas for students who are considering to apply to Google Summer of Code 2021 for

For project maintainers

Are you working on a Haskell project and you could use the help of a student during the summer? Consider contributing it as an idea here! You can contribute ideas by sending a pull request to our github repository. If you just want to discuss a possible idea, please contact us.

What is a good idea? Anything that improves the Haskell ecosystem is valid. The GSoC rules state that it must involve writing code primarily (as opposed to docs).

Projects should be concrete and small enough in scope such that they can be finished by a student in three months. Past experience has shown that keeping projects โ€œsmallโ€ is almost always a good idea.

Important change for 2021: In the past, GSoC projects were expected to take up the equivalent of full time employment for a student. However, in 2021, this has been reduced to half time positions: students are expected to work around 175 hours in a 10 week period.

Projects should benefit as many people as possible โ€“ e.g. an improvement to GHC will benefit more people than an update to a specific library or tool, but both are acceptable. New libraries and applications written in Haskell, rather than improvements to existing ones, are also welcome.

For students

Please be aware that:

Table of Contents

  1. Restore ihaskell-widgets

Restore ihaskell-widgets๐Ÿ”—

IHaskell is a a kernel that allows you to create interactive Jupyter notebooks. ihaskell-widgets is a library for making the IHaskell kernel work with ipywidgets.

ipywidgets provide GUI controls for individual named variables in a Jupyter notebook. They are used, for example, to parameterize a rendered graph, plot, or chart with a GUI slider which instantly updates the rendering with the new parameter. ihaskell-widgets stopped working with ipywidgets version 7 in 2018.

This Github issue has some of the particulars:

Potential mentors: Vaibhav Sagar, James Brock, Sumit Sahrawat, Rehno Lindeque

Difficulty: Beginner