Summer of Haskell


The Summer of Haskell is an effort by to reach out to students and encourage them to contribute to the Haskell community with the aid of experienced mentors. This program is open to college students, 18 or older, in most countries.

Google Summer of Code

In 2018, we are fortunate enough to have been selected in the Google Summer of Code program, after missing out in 2016 and 2017.

Students and MentorsπŸ”—

As a student, you can apply through the Summer of Code Dashboard. If you are interested in mentoring, please contact us so we can add you to the mentor list directly.

If you would like to apply but you don’t know how to start your proposal, have a look at our ideas list and this great guide.


March 12 Student application period begins
March 27 Student application deadline
April 23 Accepted student proposals announced
April 23 Community Bonding Period begins
May 14 Coding officially begins!
June 11 Phase 1 evaluations begin
June 15 Phase 1 Evaluation deadline
July 9 Phase 2 evaluations begin
July 13 Phase 2 Evaluation deadline
August 6 End of work period
August 21 Final evaluations deadline
August 22 Final results announced

More details can be found on the google gsoc page.