Summer of Haskell


The Summer of Haskell is an effort by Haskell.Org to reach out to students and encourage them to contribute to the Haskell community with the aid of experienced mentors. This program is open to all college students and newcomers to open-source Haskell contributions, age 18 years or older, in most countries.

Summer of Haskell Summer of Haskell 2023🔗

We are pleased to announce that Haskell.Org in collaboration with the Haskell Foundation will be hosting the Summer of Haskell 2023! This program will be occurring independently from Google Summer of Code but offers the same opportunities, including mentorship and a stipend, to would-be Haskell contributors.


We will begin accepting proposals from prospective contributors starting April 3rd, and the deadline for submissions is April 20th. If you would like to apply, please send an email to summer [AT] with a Google doc containing your proposal. Tips for writing a good proposal can be found here. We have a curated list of project ideas that you can select from, or you may also propose an idea of your own if you’d prefer.

Update: The project selections have been made! Go here for details.

Our guidelines around contributor eligibility as well as the stipend will mirror those of Google Summer of Code. See here for eligibility guidelines, and here for stipend information. Please be sure to review the eligibility guidelines before you start working on a proposal.

Projected timeline🔗

April 3 Begin accepting contributor proprosal submissions
April 20 Last day to submit a proposal
May 4 Accepted proposals announced
May 4 Community bonding period (contributors get to know mentors, read documentation, and get up to speed to begin working on their projects)
May 29 Coding begins
July 14 Midterm evaluations due
July 14 - Aug 21 Work period
Aug 21-28 Final work product submission and mentor evaluation
Aug 28 Final contributor evaluation
Sep 5 Initial results announced
Sep 5 Extended deadline participants continue coding
Nov 6 Final deadline for all
Nov 13 Final evaluation from all mentors due


We’d like to give special thanks to these individuals and organizations that have agreed to help fund this program by sponsoring students:

If you or your organization would like to help sponsor students, please contact us!