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Accepted projects for 2017

Posted on May 24, 2017 by Niki Vazou & Jasper Van der Jeugt (permalink)

Hey all,

We are happy to announce the 15 projects accepted for Summer of Haskell 2017 and that the community bonding period has begun.

If there are people who would like to co-mentor a project, please let us know. projects

  1. Safe streaming with linear types
    Student: Edvard Hübinette
    Mentor: Arnaud Spiwack

  2. Bringing Sanity to the GHC Performance Test-Suite
    Student: Jared Weakly
    Mentor: Ben Gamari

  3. Haskell IDE Engine
    Student: Zubin Duggal
    Mentor: Alan Zimmerman

  4. Last Mile for cabal new-build
    Student: Francesco Gazzetta
    Mentor: Daniel Wagner

  5. Totality checking base with Liquid Haskell
    Student: Sean Leffler
    Mentor: Niki Vazou
    Co-mentor: Eric Seidel

  6. Modularizing haskell-mode and improving haskell-interactive-mode
    Student: Vasantha Ganesh Kanniappan
    Mentor: Gracjan Polak

  7. Haskey (an embedded key-value store modeled after LMDB)
    Student: Henri Verroken
    Mentor: Steven Keuchel
    Co-mentor: George Karachalias

  8. Improve the Shake-Based Hadrian Build System for GHC
    Student: Zhen Zhang
    Mentor: Andrey Mokhov

  9. GHC Performance improvements
    Student: Igor Popov
    Mentor: Jose Calderon

  10. Improvement of Hackage Matrix Builder
    Student: Andika Demas Riyandi
    Mentor: Herbert Valerio Riedel

  11. WebGHC (a WebAssembly backend for GHC)
    Student: Michael Vogelsang
    Mentor: Will Fancher projects

  1. Better collaborative coding features for CodeWorld
    Student: Parv Mor
    Co-mentor: Michael Chavinda
    Co-mentor: Anthony Green

  2. Improvements to parsing, compiling, and errors for CodeWorld
    Student: Pranjal Tale
    Primary Mentor: Kyle Butt
    Secondary Mentor: Chris Smith

  3. Exporting and sharing CodeWorld projects
    Student: Venkatraman Srikanth
    Primary Mentor: Theo Belaire
    Secondary Mentor: Han Wang

  4. Improve editor tooling for CodeWorld
    Student: Eric Roberts
    Primary Mentor: Emin Karayel
    Secondary Mentor: Fernando Alegre

We would like to thank all students who applied for the quality proposals. We received 68 so selecting the projects was extremely difficult. Yet, three new positions opened during selection period to accept high quality applications.

Summer of Haskell 2017 is made possible by our generous sponsors:

Davean has volunteered to fund a student expressly to work on the Hadrian build system for GHC. Steven Keuchel has provided funds for a student to work on Haskey.

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