Summer of Haskell GSoC results for 2019

Posted on January 10, 2020 by Jasper Van der Jeugt (permalink) took part in Google Summer of Code again in 2019, and we had some really successful projects!

Unfortunately; this summary is less successful – I meant to contact the students immediately after the summer, but that mail never went through and I failed to follow up on it – my apologies.

In either case, I still wanted to list the successful projects here for posterirty. I reached out to the students again and will be updating this post with more information and quotes as they get back to me.

  1. A language server for Dhall
    Student: Frederik Ramcke
    Mentors: Luke Lau, Gabriel Gonzalez

  2. A stronger foundation for interactive Haskell tooling
    Student: dxld
    Mentors: Alan Zimmerman, Matthew Pickering

  3. Automated requirements checking as a GHC plugin
    Student: Daniel Marshall
    Mentors: Chris Smith, chessai, Alphalambda

  4. Extending Alga
    Student: O V Adithya Kumar
    Mentors: Andrey Mokhov, Jasper Van der Jeugt, Alexandre Moine

  5. Extending Hasktorch With RNNs and Encoder-Decoder
    Student: AdLucem
    Mentors: Austin Huang, Junji Hashimoto, Sam Stites

  6. Functional Machine Learning with Hasktorch: Produce Functional Machine Learning Model Reference Implementations
    Student: Jesse Sigal
    Mentors: Austin Huang, idontgetoutmuch, Junji Hashimoto, Sam Stites

  7. Hadrian Optimisation
    Student: ratherforky
    Mentors: Andrey Mokhov, Neil Mitchell

  8. Implementing Chebyshev polynomial approximations in Haskell: Having the speed and precision of numerics with complex, non-polynomial functions.
    Student: Deifilia To
    Mentors: tmcdonell, idontgetoutmuch, Albert Krewinkel

  9. Improving Hackage Matrix Builder as a Real-world Fullstack Haskell Project
    Student: Andika Riyandi (Rizary)
    Mentors: Herbert Valerio Riedel, Robert Klotzner

  10. Improving HsYAML Library
    Student: Vijay Tadikamalla
    Mentors: Herbert Valerio Riedel, Michał Gajda

  11. Issue-Wanted Web Application
    Student: Rashad Gover
    Mentors: Veronika Romashkina, Dmitrii Kovanikov

  12. More graph algorithms for Alga
    Student: Vasily Alferov
    Mentors: Andrey Mokhov, Alexandre Moine

  13. Property-based testing stateful programs using quickcheck-state-machine
    Student: Kostas Dermentzis
    Mentors: stevana, Robert Danitz

  14. Putting hie Files to Good Use
    Student: Zubin Duggal
    Mentors: Alan Zimmerman, Matthew Pickering

  15. Upgrading hs-web3 library
    Student: amany9000
    Mentors: Alexander Krupenkin, Thomas Dietert

Thanks to everyone involved!

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