Summer of Haskell GSoC results for 2020

Posted on October 12, 2020 by Jasper Van der Jeugt (permalink) took part in Google Summer of Code again in 2020. Despite unfortunately receiving less slots from Google this year, we had a number of highly successful projects. In this blogpost, I’ve collected all write-ups and reports from the students for your convenience.

    Student: Francesco Gazzetta @fgaz
    Mentors: Carter Schonwald, Andreas Klebinger, chessai
    Student report

  2. Add primops to expand the (boxed) array API
    Student: buggymcbugfix
    Mentors: andrewthad, Andreas Klebinger, chessai
    Student report

  3. Build-integration and Badges for Hackage
    Student: Shubham Awasthi
    Mentors: hvr, Gershom Bazerman
    Student report

  4. Building the Haskell Language Server and more
    Student: Luke Lau
    Mentors: Alan Zimmerman, Pepe Iborra, Zubin Duggal
    Student report

  5. Custom Dataloader for Hasktorch
    Student: Andre Daprato
    Mentors: Austin Huang, Adam Paszke, Torsten Scholak, Junji Hashimoto

  6. Documentation generator for the Dhall configuration language
    Student: German Robayo
    Mentors: Profpatsch, Gabriel Gonzalez, sjakobi
    Student report

  7. Finish the package candidate workflow for Hackage
    Student: Sitao Chen
    Mentors: hvr, Gershom Bazerman
    Student report

    This summer, I have participated in Google Summer of Code with Haskell org and worked on Hackage candidate UI and workflow. Without previous experience in open source development, I was able to grasp a large codebase and its structure in a short period with the help of my mentors. Besides, I got a chance to learn about how to make API calls and how to improve UI using Haskell in a formal setting. This experience helps me have a better understanding of packages workflow management and web services in Haskell. I wish I can contribute again in the future!

  8. Functional Machine Learning Algorithms for Music Generation
    Student: Elizabeth Wilson
    Mentors: Alex McLean, Austin Huang, Torsten Scholak
    Student report

  9. Multiple Home Packages for GHC
    Student: fendor
    Mentors: Zubin Duggal, John Ericson, Matthew Pickering
    Student report

    Haskell IDE Engine was the first open source project I ever contributed to, and over time, it became of a project of passion for me. Over the months I dove deeper into Haskell tooling, until I got the chance to work on GHC itself in this year’s Google Summer of Code! I worked on this project to improve the tooling situation for Haskell, as well as improving the IDE experience by implementing features needed by both.

    The project itself proved to be challenging, mainly because of my unfamiliarity with the GHC code base. However, with the help of my helpful mentors, I was able to overcome the challenges and learned a lot about GHC. I am glad I had the chance to work on this project, although I did not accomplish everything I wanted to, yet.

  10. Number Field Sieves
    Student: Federico Bongiorno
    Mentors: Sergey Vinokurov, Andrew Lelechenko
    Student report

  11. Optimising Haskell developer tool performance using OpenTelemetry
    Student: Michalis Pardalos
    Mentors: Dmitry Ivanov, Matthew Pickering

    My project was about adding support for opentelemetry tracing into ghcide, the core component of haskell-language-server. I had very little experience with open-source development, or the internals of haskell and ghc before this project and I can say for sure that this has changed. Aside from working on ghcide itself, I also had to submit patches to haskell-opentelemetry, implementing features necessary for this project. When the project was blocked by a ghc bug, I also took this as an opportunity to dive into ghc and fix it myself, which I found incredibly rewarding and consider a valuable experience.

    Even though I ended up running out of time and not finishing everything I hoped for in the project, I can say for sure that it was a positive experience which I would absolutely recommend.

  12. Update stylish-haskell to use ghc-lib-parser
    Student: Beatrice Vergani
    Mentors: Jasper Van der Jeugt, lukaszgolebiewski, Paweł Szulc
    Student report

Google will be hosting GSoC again in 2021, and of course we plan to apply again. If you have ideas for projects that students could work on, we’ll be using the same format as the years before – this page has more information on how to submit an idea.

Thanks a lot to everyone involved!

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