Summer of Haskell


What is the main goal of this program?🔗

Our main goal is to attract people outside the ecosystem to the Haskell open-source code development. We hope program attendees stay with the open-source movement after finishing their projects to continue contributing.

What is the timeline for the Summer of Haskell program?🔗

The full timeline for the 2023 edition can be found on the homepage.

Estimates for medium-size projects: 175 hours to complete; large projects: 350 hours to complete. The program (work schedule) can be modified individually in case a student’s school ends late/starts early and collides with the Summer of Haskell timeline.

What are the eligibility requirements for participation?🔗

How does the program work?🔗

Newcomers are mentored by experienced contributors, and learn how to work with open source software development and improve their ability to write Haskell code. No previous open source experience is needed to participate in the program as a contributor, however you need to have some knowledge of writing Haskell code. The program is addressed to everyone; there’s no need to be a student. All the contributors will receive a stipend for their work, even if the work is unfinished or the produced code won’t be used in the future. The program is run entirely online.

Is it possible to be a contributor and mentor at the same time?🔗

No, by definition, contributors are not experienced with open source while all the mentors are experienced contributors and maintainers.

Why are you running this program?🔗

The Haskell ecosystem relies on volunteer work. The majority of tools and libraries are open source and we want to be aware and educate developers on the importance of open source software. Having active contributors and devoted maintainers is crucial for our ecosystem to function smoothly.

Are mentoring organizations required to use the code produced by students?🔗

No. While we hope that all the code that comes out of this program will find a happy home, we don’t require organizations to use the contributor’s code.

Can I take part in the project as a group of contributors?🔗

No, we accept only individuals as contributors.

Can I submit more than one proposal?🔗

We accept at most two proposals from each candidate.

How to write a good project proposal?🔗

Please see our tips for writing a good proposal

How do I know that I’ve been accepted?🔗

We will contact you via email and ask you to prepare a tax form applicable to your country (our stipend program requirement). In case you are a student in the United States on an F1 visa - be sure to get in touch with your school’s international student affairs office immediately to confirm if you can accept the stipend for the project.

Can I get course credit for participating in the Summer of Haskell?🔗

You have to confirm that with your school program coordinators.

How do I become a mentor for Summer of Haskell?🔗

If you are a community member who is maintaining an active free/open source software project under an Open Source Initiative approved license, please write to summer [AT]

Are there any other ways to support Summer of Haskell?🔗

We are looking for sponsors of stipends; the number we’re suggesting to potential sponsors is 6000 USD. If that is outside your means, you can also co-sponsor a student by providing half the stipend for a student.

What if I have another question?🔗

We are happy to answer! Write us an email Please remember not to leave your submission to the program until the very last minute.